Car parks have increasingly become backdrops to some of the UK’s finest street art. With wide, open wall space and urban setting, they make a perfect canvas to showcase art that may benefit from eerie, brick landscapes, smoky alleys and the occasional, friendly rat.

ParkBee UK, being a curious start up and with an office in the centre of Shoreditch, went on a mission to find car parks that have opened their gates (willingly or not) to London’s artistic community, and now sit proudly showing off some stunning urban street art.

Here are a few of our favourite ones:

The first one that caught our attention is this giant bee by artists Louis Masai and Jim Vision, located in a car park on Hackney Road.

It is part of the #SaveTheBees series throughout London. This obviously caught ParkBee’s attention as it links bees and parking together!

Next is this colourful, romantic mural located in a car park in East London (pc: Tanya Nash).

In the same car park in East London located on Leonard Street, some other street art can be found. For example, this recognisable giant white figure by artist Stik looks over the entrance:

Some other car parks around the Shoreditch area are totally covered in street art, this one for example:

Lastly, one to give you nightmares, is this depiction of Donald Trump, located in a car park in Spitalfields, very close to one of ParkBee’s car parks.

We hope this little journey around some of London’s best car park’s street arts made you want to go check them out too! If you do, make sure to park with us!

And keep an eye out for when our car parks will be covered in street art too!


– by Alexandra Babeau, UK Marketing Intern, Parkbee