The Manchester Bee Tattoo Appeal Shows Heartwarming Solidarity

Did you know a national symbol of Manchester is a bumble bee?

The humble worker bee spends its life labouring, dedicated to its community and the betterment of its fellow bee friends, their children, not to mention their Queen.

It’s quite fitting then that Manchester, the city most transformed during the Industrial Revolution, where the textile mills were quite literally hives of activity, would relate to the bee’s sturdy mentality. The bee has a sheer determination to not lie down in the face of adversity, to not stray off alone but to always stand alongside its fellows as one.

Currently, Mancunians are showing their solidarity with their city by getting tattoos of the bee. Tattoo artists are charging just £50 per tattoo, with all funds raising being donated to the victims and families of the recent Manchester terror bombing. Various Go Fund Me pages have also been set up to collect donations for the cause.

If you’d like to get a tattoo of a bee this weekend, check out this page. Manchester’s tattoo artists will be charging £50, and each has listed their individual opening times.

We at ParkBee want to show our support to this cause by spreading the word within the startup community and helping to raise funds where we can. People may try to scare us, but the U.K. is far stronger and we’ll always stand beside our neighbours as one.

Peace and love to all reading,

ParkBee UK