A shortage of parking spaces is costing British drivers hundreds of pounds each every year in wasted time and fuel.

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British drivers are spending a combined £23 billion each year on searching for a car parking space, a recent study has claimed.

Research has found that motorists spend an average 44 hours every year looking for that elusive spot, equating to £733 per person in wasted time, fuel and emissions.

Busy car parks are taking their toll on British drivers

Busy car parks are taking their toll on British drivers

Conducted by INRIX, the study sourced data from over 7,000 motorists in 10 major UK cities to find out the economic burden of “parking pain” – the fallout from over crowded parking areas.

Not surprisingly, London proved the biggest issue for parking in the country.

Drivers spent an average of 67 hours each year looking for a parking spot in the nation’s capital, costing just over £1,100 per person in wasted time, fuel and emissions.

In comparison, in the lowest ranked city, Southampton, drivers spent an average 35 hours each year searching for a parking space, at a cost of just £588 per person.

The study also looked at the amount drivers spend annually by overpaying for parking, and incurring fines for overstaying their welcome in timed parking zones.

In an attempt to avoid a penalty charge, drivers add-on an average of 45 hours of extra time each year to their parking session, most of which ends up being time they do not use.

The annual cost of parking pain across 10 major UK cities

This equates to an additional £209 per driver, or £6.7 billion annually across the country.

However despite the added time, a significant number of drivers are still incurring penalty charges, with an average 0.7 handed out to each motorist annually.

That figure sees Brits wasting an additional £39 per driver each year paying for parking fines.


Dr Graham Cookson, Chief Economist at INRIX said: “If we add up all the costs in this research, so the time spent searching for a space, the amount drivers overpay for parking and the amount spent in fines, the ‘total’ cost of parking pain in the UK is more than £30 billion a year.

“This cost is not only borne by drivers but also by local economies as people avoid shops due to parking issues.

“While 71 per cent of drivers said there isn’t enough parking available, occupancy for spaces can be as low as 50 per cent.