ParkBee now, as of today, operates car parks in the UK’s two most significant airports – London Gatwick and Heathrow. The Gatwick car park, just opened today, has space for 15 24/7 parkers and an additional 40 spaces available between the hours of 6pm and 8am.

The new ParkBee car park is part of the private Orega office complex, and is now (through ParkBee) open for public use. For only £1 per hour or £8 per 24 hours, airport visitors can park with ease & for a fraction of the usual cost.

For all details on this new car park please see here:

ParkBee are on a mission to make parking better for everyone, by opening private car parks and offering them to the public at a heavily reduced rate. This model increases a city’s available parking spaces, reduces the need to construct car parks as part of new developments and, eventually, can help reduce a city’s search traffic emission.