Thursday October 5th – Munich

Success for London based start-up ParkBee at the renowned real estate fair EXPO REAL in Munich. The start-up, with its headquarters in Amsterdam, was selected to be the most promising from 25 top start-ups in real-estate. ParkBee provides a solution for the parking problem in major cities and proves to be able to reuse unused parking spots and offer them to the public, for an affordable price. The smart parking solution that ParkBee offers was the audience and judge’s favourite.

For the start-up competition, initiated by the Real Estate Innovation Network, 700 start-ups pitched their proposals in a bid to prove their ability to disrupt and enhance the Real Estate industry. ParkBee was awarded First Place after impressing the judges with their innovative use of a city’s underutilized spaces, their entry into the ever-growing ‘sharing economy’ and their strong business model and growth.

ParkBee grabbed the audience attention from the begin of the pitch, when Héloïse Dersjant started with referencing the 1.1 million private parking spaces in London city alone that are not utilised to its full potential. The parking spots of office buildings or in retail sit empty for various periods of time, opening a perfect opportunity to utilise the empty space, and profit through a shared economy. ParkBee has developed smart technology that opens up private car parks to the public through their partners RingGo and Parkmobile, making the parking experience seamless and more affordable.

ParkBee was co-founded in 2013 by Jian Jiang and Tom Buchmann, after realising that there was (and still is) an opportunity to open private car parks to the public. They were invited to join the ESA Incubation Centre and Tech Incubator YES!Delft to develop the smart technology that makes it possible to open car park barriers through a cloud based platform. After a highly successful first year in the Netherlands, ParkBee opened a new office in London in October 2016.

They ensure parking is at least 30% cheaper at their sites than the on-street parking tariff while also making the experience enjoyable for the driver. ParkBee is getting thumbs-up from environmentalists too, as their sustainable use of empty space helps to reduce construction while their flexible parking model reduces search traffic emission.

In an interview, ParkBee Co-Founder, Wouter de Bruijne said “We are excited to attend to EXPO REAL this year and show the industry how far we have come since last year. We’ve opened our London office, have launched 15 UK sites with more in the pipeline and are experiencing promising growth. We have a brilliant team who are all working hard to grow ParkBee within the industry. As the business model makes so much sense, we have had a really positive response from site owners, drivers and investors.”.