AMSTERDAM, November 23, 2017 – We are thrilled to announce that ParkBee has won the JLL Green Brick 2017 award as part of the third edition of Realwise, JLL’s annual event in Amsterdam. The theme this year was ‘Most Innovative Start-up in the Sharing Economy‘ and the nominees were voted on a dedicated website. Young businesses, the impact on real estate and the level of innovation were among the criteria that decided the candidates for the most promising start-up of 2017. Alongside ParkBee, JLL nominated Storage Share and Storefront. With more than 50% of the votes, ParkBee was named the proud winner of the Green Brick Award.

ParkBee has developed the smart technology that allows opening up private car parks to the public in order to maximise unused real estate, decrease congestion in busy areas, while generating extra income for the property owner.

“Receiving the Green Brick is truly a recognition and an honor for ParkBee. At ParkBee, we believe that the optimal use of real estate should be a priority and smart technology is an important driver for this. This price shows that the real estate sector is also open to this and we look forward to the further growth that results from this.”  Wouter de Bruijne, ParkBee Commercial Director

Daan de Blok, Advisor Agency Office Utrecht adds: “The fact that new technologies offer new possibilities has been demonstrated over the last hundred years. For me ParkBee is the example of a start-up that uses new technology in an optimal way to create a new business model. With its technology, ParkBee helps real estate owners optimise parking and makes it possible for the public to make use of these spaces. I greatly admire their ambitions and the growth ParkBee has achieved sincethey started. For me, ParkBee is a clear winner. I wish Wouter and the ParkBee team every success as they grow further.”  Daan de Blok handed out the award on behalf of JLL, who see young talent as an indispensable link for working with start-ups.

ParkBee also received a sustainable membership to JLL for HomePlan, worth € 3,500. JLL for HomePlan invests in sustainable housing projects for the poor in Latin America and South Africa and the money will be donated towards their cause.