ParkBee’s strategy meeting 2018

The new year can always seem a little daunting for some but at the same time the perfect opportunity to have a clean slate and set some new goals. Here at ParkBee we drove (see what we did there) into the new year on a positive note, as you should! With our yearly strategy meeting to look forward to in the Netherlands, we immersed ourselves into preparation mode.

Thursday 18th we had the pleasure of flying out to Amsterdam – from Shoreditch to Schiphol –  we settled in early for the big day ahead. It’s not very often the UK and NL teams get together, so this was definitely the highlight of the week. On the morning of Friday 19th, the day started off nice and early with a yoga session “Waking up the body” – a great way to have a laugh and come out of your comfort zone, especially when you’re all lying on the floor in silence barefoot. Although there were a couple of feet close enough to graze your scalp, the view of Amsterdam from our top floor meeting room definitely made up for it.

Sadly our yoga session had come to an end but after a well deserved coffee break, we looked forward to catching up with our colleagues from across the pond and of course learn about ParkBee’s 2018 strategy.

Each department provided a presentation of their targets for 2018 and how they plan to exceed them. Indeed it was a very insightful 2 hours and a great opportunity for everyone to witness how we all collectively get the engine running (last pun, we promise). Freshly made baguettes were delivered and after a quick lunch break, we took to the streets of Amsterdam in teams of 6 to relax the mind and discuss any ideas we felt would benefit the business.

With a combined team of over 32 motivated individuals, the day was bursting with ideas, brainstorms and contagious enthusiasm. Safe to say we all felt very privileged to be part of the ParkBee movement and have our ideas heard. The day ended with a lovely evening at a local restaurant called the Hanneke’s Boom – a very chilled and trendy spot, beautifully set by the river. Spoilt for choice with a variety of platters and Dutch cuisine. If you’ve never had them, we recommend the Bitterballen (“Bitterballs” in English). Contrary to the name, Bitterballen tasted like little drops of heaven. With bottomless beer flowing and pictures being taken left and right, the evening eventually ended for some, but had just started for others. 

With many exciting projects in the pipeline and our UK team expanding every month, we have a good feeling about 2018.