It’s coming up to that time of the year again, Half Term. A well deserved break for kids but not so much for the parents. If you’re not already flustered trying to plan activities to keep your little ones busy, you’re left asking every known family member, neighbour or school mum to alternate baby sitting shifts! As reliable and efficient we are here at ParkBee, we’ve done some digging and put together a list of activities, leaving you to simply select which day to go!

Science Museum: Wonderlab – The Statoil Gallery

The Science Museum brings to you all, the most thrilling and sensational presentation: The Statoil Gallery. With over 50 exhibits, demonstrations and shows under one roof, this is not to be missed. Let your kids take part in these interactive experiments, live shows and allow them to immerse themselves into all Science has to offer. You may just learn a thing or two, which is always a bonus. Use our Chelsea car park and enjoy your day out!

Vauxwall climbing centre

Located in the heart of Vauxhall and a short walk from our Lambeth and Fentiman Rd parking space, you have your very own climbing centre. A great way for kids and adults to experience something new and exhilarating. You will learn balance and coordination in a fun and energetic atmosphere. Whether your kid is a natural daredevil or would prefer to stay in doors, both would equally enjoy this adventure and will be a day to remember for all. Just a stone’s throw away you will find Nando’s, Dirty Burger and Vauxhall Street Food Garden, plenty of options to appease all taste buds.

Wicked the Musical 

If you haven’t seen the amazing musical that is Wicked, then what have you been doing this entire time? And if you have, why are you not planning to see it again? With our Victoria parking space so perfectly located minutes away from the Apollo Theatre, travel can no longer be an excuse 🙂 Wicked is one of London’s longest running theatre shows, deservingly so. The live vocals will captivate you and the humour will have every single one of you let out a laugh… just don’t be that one person who is always too loud.


Last but definitely not least, KidZania located in Shepherds Bush, Westfield. This is an interactive city for ages between 2-14, they will have the opportunity to try out over 100 different careers and put their creativity and role playing skills into action. Whether your kid has dreams of being a Pilot, Chef or owning their own beauty salon, this will not only inspire but also empower them to see the world is their oyster.