Why we now offer free parking for medical personnel

Why we now offer free parking for medical personnel

The world has been struck with the lethal pandemic called COVID-19 (coronavirus disease). The UK is, unfortunately, one of the countries hit quite badly due to the number of inhabitants living in close proximity in some of our larger cities and the fact that we all travel worldwide freely these days.

At this time, it is so important to pull together as a nation and take on board the advice of the government. We must all adhere to the social distancing and lockdown procedures put in place to do our utmost to stop the spread. COVID-19 is taking hundreds of lives within the UK daily and our NHS is overloaded trying to treat and save lives 24/7.

With the increase in NHS staff requirements, parking for hospitals is becoming crowded and often expensive.
We can’t do much to help those in need directly within the hospitals, but we are happy and able to support the healthcare staff on the outside.

We are pleased to say that ParkBee is able to provide free ParkBee parking spaces for these heroes. Our way of saying a big thank you for their commitment at such a difficult time.

If you are working in healthcare at the moment, or know of someone else who would benefit please spread the word. View our dedicated page here for further information on how to claim free parking.

These people are doing immensely important work – often over long hours and putting themselves, and their families at risk, so let’s all help them where we can!