Meet one of the Bees behind our… People, Culture & HR team

Meet one of the Bees behind our… People, Culture & HR team

Where do we start with Zena… A little Sicilian firecracker that is always on the move but still, you can always count on her for pretty much anything. She has the most positive and upbeat personality and truly cares about everyone in and outside of work. She can also eat 3 large pizzas in one sitting, which is pretty impressive.

I am…. Zena / Zeens / Zeenie / Zeners the People & Culture Manager for the UK as well as the voice of ParkBee!

The best thing about working at ParkBee is… The people, I can honestly say we have the best team! I look forward to seeing everyone each morning!

One of my guilty pleasures is… Gin & lots of it!

If I could be anywhere in the world, I would be… In a treehouse in the middle of the forest off the grid completely!

I have recently binged watched… Where do I start, having bought a house recently binge watching has now become a hobby. One that has stood out… is Power. It has to be one of my fave shows – looking forward to its return!

The 3 things I can’t live without are… Adventures, music & my boyfriend (cheesy I know!)

My dream dinner party would be with… Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogan, and Kate Moss… I mean… what a line up… bound to be an awesome night right?

My most embarrassing childhood memory… I once ran back from the ice cream man full of excitement… slipped and hit the side of my head on a desk…. ended up in hospital with a black eye & a burst my ear drum! Ice cream still intact & tasted so good!

I don’t like… People with no concern for other people or the environment!

But I am obsessed with…. Disney, snacks & naps!

My most treasured possession… My yoga mat!

The craziest thing I have ever done is… I’m pretty crazy 24/7!