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About us

We are ParkBee, a fast-growing service in digital car park operation. We develop smart technology that makes car parking easy and efficient. Our mission? To remove as many parked cars from the streets as possible, and give that space back to the city.


Decrease the number of new garages being built

With plenty of room available in existing parking garages, we believe that building new parking locations is simply unnecessary.


Remove more parked cars from the streets

Roughly 15% of all public space is used for parking – we’d rather see this space be used in other ways, such as for recreation or sustainable mobility.


Decrease traffic searching for a space

In big cities, you can often spend 15 minutes searching for a parking space – that’s a lot of unnecessary emissions. ParkBee helps drivers find a parking spot quicker.


Encourage smart mobility solutions

We believe that smart solutions will innovate the transport and mobility industry. That’s why we offer electric charging facilities, and encourage more sustainable transport methods at our locations, such as electric bikes and car sharing.