Together we keep your city moving

Cities are getting busier and the streets are full of parked cars. In major cities, roughly 15 percent of all public space is used for parking. At the same time, many spots in parking space remain unused.

At ParkBee, we want to change this. We develop smart technology that allows us to make better use of existing parking spaces. Our goal? To remove as many parked cars from the street as possible, and to give back space to the city. For this, we want to enable the knowledge and expertise of all stakeholders. Together, we can keep our cities moving. Will you join us?

About us

We are ParkBee. A fast-growing scale-up, one that is best described as a Digital Car Park Operator. We develop smart technology to optimise the use of parking space. Our mission? Remove as many parked cars from the street as possible and give back space to the city.

Decrease the amount of new built garages

There’s plenty of room in existing parking garages. That’s why we believe building new locations is often unnecessary.

Remove more parked cars from the streets

Roughly 15 percent of all public space is used for parking. We’d rather see this space being used for other purposes, such as recreation and sustainable mobility.

Decrease search traffic in cities

In big cities, drivers often spend 15 minutes searching for parking space. That’s a lot of unnecessary emission. We help drivers find parking space a lot quicker.

Stimulate smart mobility solutions

We believe smart solutions will innovate the mobility industry. That’s why we support them by offering electric charging facilities and stimulating shared mobility at our locations, such as e-bikes and car sharing.

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