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Front-end integrations


App integration

With ParkBee’s App Integration system, we can link your app to our API. This means that on-demand transactions can be made directly within your app, and users can access a parking location at the click of a button.


Prepaid web integration

By integrating ParkBee PrePaid with your booking platform, your users can easily book a parking space via your website. We’ll send them a confirmation and an access link, and they’ll be able to enter the site with no problems.


Affiliate linking

Affiliate linking gives you the opportunity to support us in return by sharing our services on your website. Just give your users the information they need, and we’ll take care of the bookings and location access.

What we promise

Plug-and-play integration
We offer full API integration, meaning that we handle all the processes such as pricing and real-time transactions, and link them directly to your website or platform so all the information is updated on the go.

Seamless user experience

Your users will be able to find parking easily with your app and platform. Our data analysis means that we always offer the best value per spot and, with multiple locations in the UK, we can always find them one nearby.

Raise your direct value
Thanks to our commission model, our wide range of locations at excellent rates for users means an increase in direct value for our partners as well!

We already collaborate on the basis of integrations with:

Our mission

As cities grow both larger and more congested, we are facing many new challenges in relation to the physical space, mobility and sustainability of our cities.

At ParkBee, our mission is helping urban travelers, car park owners and city governments all make better, more efficient use of existing urban space. As one of the world’s first digital car park operators, we get cars off the street by linking drivers to convenient yet previously underutilized off-street parking locations.

We provide the best place to park, with our network of locations, smart integrations and systems that predict, price and direct traffic to the right place at the right time.