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Connect with millions of drivers

ParkBee’s smart technology is integrated with three major parking apps: Parkmobile, Park-line and RingGo. This means that, for your location, we have access to all of their registered users. 

With this, extra revenue and your location’s safety is guaranteed.



Your digital portal for more insights and more results

My ParkBee is your online management platform which contains all tools to manage your parking location online. Easily gain more insight and increase the revenue of your parking real estate. All in one digital portal for your entire portfolio.


Manage opening hours
Adjust your opening hours for your parking location wherever, whenever.

Remote acces
Allow users to open and close garage doors remotely.

Flexible availability
Increase or decrease the available parking spaces at any moment.


Check all current and past parking transactions in one clear overview.

Discover user patterns to optimise and increase your revenue.

Tenants and visitors

Appoint as many parking spots as you want to tenants or visitors, or let tenants manage access to their own spots for their team themselves.

Our mission

As cities grow both larger and more congested, we are facing many new challenges in relation to the physical space, mobility and sustainability of our cities.

At ParkBee, our mission is helping urban travelers, car park owners and city governments all make better, more efficient use of existing urban space. As one of the world’s first digital car park operators, we get cars off the street by linking drivers to convenient yet previously underutilized off-street parking locations.

We provide the best place to park, with our network of locations, smart integrations and systems that predict, price and direct traffic to the right place at the right time.
Optimising the use of current resources, and assuring we give space back to the city. Creating more room to breathe, for people instead of cars.