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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in and out of the car park using my subscription?

1. Open My ParkBee on your mobile.
2. Select your subscription
3. Tap the ‘Start Parking’ button when you’re directly in front of the entry barrier/gate to check in. This will automatically open for you allowing you to drive in.
4. Tap the ‘Stop Parking’ button to open the exit barrier when you’re ready to leave the car park.

You do not need a season ticket or pass as this can be done through your mobile.

Do you offer Corporate subscriptions accounts?

Get in touch at support@parkbee.com to discuss corporate subscription requests.

Can I subscribe to multiple car parks?

Not yet! You can only subscribe to one car park for now.

Does the monthly cost displayed include VAT?

Yes, this includes VAT! You will receive an invoice one a month through email detailing your next billing date.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply through your user account. You need to tap ‘Cancel’ if you no longer need your subscription. You will receive an email confirmation once you have cancelled your subscription.