Werner Paul Boerma is ParkBee’s new CEO

Werner Paul Boerma is ParkBee’s new CEO

Today, ParkBee announced the appointment of Werner Paul Boerma (56) as CEO, effective 1 May 2020. Boerma is an active investor in private companies including ParkBee and will focus on the execution of ParkBee’s strategy focussing on further expansion, capital raising, and the development into a leading Dutch tech company specialised in mobility hubs in leading Dutch and European cities. Boerma succeeds ParkBee’s co-founder Tom Buchmann who will remain at ParkBee throughout 2020 and subsequently joint the Supervisory Board.

Werner Paul Boerma: “I am enthused by the tremendous opportunities our business has to offer to parkers, parking garage owners and investors and above all cities. We believe cities will be much more liveable with off-street car parking making use of existing space, afforded by our smart technology and data solutions. I am very much looking forward to working with this world-class team and to build further on Tom Buchmann’s great work. He has led ParkBee through a fast and strong growth phase from conception to a leading tech business in mobility and parking.”

Tom Buchmann: “I have been working closely with Werner Paul pretty much from the early days of ParkBee and I am confident ParkBee’s continued success will be in save hands. I salute the substantial effort of the entire time in getting where we are today and look forward to my new role in the Supervisory Board very much.”

Hugo Peek, chairman supervisory board ParkBee, added: “I am delighted that both the technology and business model are now well-proven. The board now looks forward to working with Werner Paul and to realising ParkBee’s full potential in the years to come.”

ParkBee’s Board of Directors comprises Werner Paul Boerma (CEO) Rutger Schuur (CIO), Wouter de Bruijne (CCO) and Hugo Peek (Chairman Supervisory Board).

Werner Paul Boerma nieuwe CEO van ParkBee