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Most major cities have parking issues; it is usually difficult and unaffordable to find a decent parking spot. However, there are plenty of private car parks in great locations, sitting vacant for long periods of time, that are not accessible for public use.

These include private office car parks, hotel car parks, shopping centres and private plots of land sitting in locations with high parking demand. These are the types of sites that could join the sharing economy, making parking better for the public, better for the environment as congestion is lowered, and also bringing the site owner a good extra income.

ParkBee has developed smart technology that opens up these private car parks to the public, making the parking experience seamless and more affordable.


In 2013, Jian Jiang and Tom Buchmann co-founded Parkbee after realising that there was (and still is) an opportunity to open up private car parks to the public. They were invited to join the ESA Incubation Centre and Tech Incubator YES!Delft to develop the smart technology that makes it possible to open car park barriers through a cloud based platform.

In 2015, ParkBee partnered up with Parkmobile and together they made parking easier and more affordable at 36 locations in the Netherlands. In 2016, the user base increased along with the users of Park-line.

After a highly successful first year in the Netherlands, ParkBee opened a new office in London in October 2016.

Who are we?

We are ParkBee. We make private car parks accessible to the public. This way we can offer affordable and easy parking at A locations to the public, and at the same time generate extra income for a garage owner. We do this throughout the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and we are opening new garages weekly.

ParkBee Team

Do you have a question about ParkBee or do you want to get in touch with us? Send an Email to support@parkbee.com.

Tom Buchmann

Managing Director

Jian Jiang

Technology Director

Wouter de Bruijne

Commercial Director

Scott Moran

Expansion Global

Heloise Dersjant

Marketing NL

Adrian Thomas

Acquistions UK

Joost Heetla

Growth Hacking Global

Marianne van Donselaar

Customer Success NL

Alex Murden

Acquistions UK

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Anouk Oosterbaan

People & Culture NL

Ruurd-Jan Zwarts

Development Global

Eelco Kienhuis

Acquistions NL

Eddy Boorsma

Acquistions NL

Godfried Barnasconi

Operations NL

Mark Douglas

Operations UK

Mitch Nijburg

Acquistions NL

Rui Nunes

Development Global

Soufyan el Idrissi

Growth Hacking Global

Vincent van der Plas

Operations NL

Annelies de Voogt

Customer Success - NL

Nelise Doornenbal

Stakeholder Management NL

Irina Negoita

Marketing UK

Aaron Kox

Data analysis Global

Wessel van der Plas

Expansion Global

Ece Degirmenci

Marketing UK

Wijnand van de Calseijde

Finance Director

Frank Aanhane

Data analysis Global

Luc Koppens

Data analysis Global

Ploy Piyaseth

Operations UK

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