Privacy Policy

Version: 10-2023


It’s important to ParkBee that when using our parking services your data is used carefully and your data protection rights are ensured diligently.

Table of contents:
1. For whom 2. What do we use personal data for 3. What kind of personal data 4. Legal grounds for use 5. Source of personal data 6. Transfer to other parties 7. Security 8. Your rights 9. Questions and complaints 10. Changes to this policy
1. For whom
This privacy policy applies to all persons who as an owner, administrator or parker use the ParkBee platform and our parking services through which ParkBee operates a parking garage or location. We call this Optimisation. ParkBee ensures optimisation for all users. Parkers get easy access to a car park or parking space via our app, an email or recognition of your number plate. Owners and administrators can monitor or control access management of all (groups of) parkers via a management portal.
2. What do we use personal data for
ParkBee processes personal data in accordance with the legitimate purposes for which the data were collected. We do so for the following purposes:
  • To carry out operational (and financial) management of a parking garage or location on behalf of an owner.
  • To enable an administrator to manage all (groups of) parkers in that parking garage or location.
  • Granting parkers and parking customers access to a parking garage or location.
  • Handle service requests and complaints from parkers or administrators.
  • To generate aggregated management reports of parking activities to provide insight into the occupancy of a parking garage or location.
  • To enable financial management of subscriptions or paid use in a parking garage or location on behalf of an owner or manager.
  • To periodically contact parkers or managers via questionnaires to evaluate and improve our services.
ParkBee will not collect personal data in connection with our services for other purposes.
3. What kind of personal data
Depending on the type of service provided, ParkBee may process the following types of personal data:
  • Contact details - name, phone number, email address
  • Vehicle details - number plate
  • Customer and transaction data - company name, subscription type, entry and exit date, entry and exit times, attribute
  • Financial data - bank account number, payment information
4. Legal grounds for use
ParkBee uses the personal data collected for the following reasons:
  • For the performance of the agreement with an owner of a car park or location.
  • For the performance of the parking agreement with a parking customer.
  • ParkBee's legitimate interest to evaluate and improve our services through periodic questionnaires.
  • So that ParkBee can comply with laws and regulations, for example for tax filings.
5. Source of personal data
We may process personal data that we obtain from you yourself, through our Platform, our app or through camera footage, or data that is obtained through your devices (browser cookies). In addition, we may use personal data that we do not obtain directly from parkers, administrators or an owner, but from third parties we work with (for instance, our partners that provide commercial parking apps). If applicable, these parties share your data with ParkBee for the performance of our partner agreement.
6. Transfer to other parties
In principle, ParkBee does not share personal data with third parties, unless this is necessary for the performance of the parking agreement or there is a legal obligation to do so. ParkBee can engage external parties necessary to be able to provide our services, for instance, parties that provide cloud storage, email traffic or help to secure our platform. ParkBee will always sign a processing agreement with each 3rd party.
7. Security
ParkBee takes appropriate measures to ensure that personal data remains safe with us and that unintended use of data is prevented as much as possible. We protect personal data against unauthorised access. In addition, we will regularly check our security measures and update them where necessary so that personal data remains properly secured.
8. Your rights
According to privacy legislation, you have various rights with regard to your personal data, including a right of review (request a copy of the data), the right to correct your data, a right to deletion, erasure, object and restriction of our data processing and a right to data portability. You can exercise these rights by sending an email to our Data Protection Officer (DPO) at ParkBee will respond to any request received within four weeks.
9. Questions and complaints
For questions or complaints about how ParkBee uses personal data, you can also send an email to our DPO. In the unlikely event that we cannot come to a common understanding, you always have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority via this link (Dutch only).
10. Changes to this policy
Not only our services but also privacy legislation continues to evolve. This privacy policy may therefore be refreshed periodically. At the top, you will find the date of the latest update.