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How to park in Amersfoort’s city centre with ParkBee

ParkBee is a simple digital parking platform. Start your parking session, open the entrance and pay online. Use the search function to find a parking space in the city centre of Amersfoort.

Straight to your destination

Check the parking locations in the city centre of Amersfoort, drive to the destination and scan the QR code at the entrance to start your parking session. It couldn’t be easier!

Arrange your parking space in advance

Found the perfect parking space in the middle of Amersfoort? Choose your preferred time and day and confirm your booking. This way, you can go to your show or visit Amersfoort without any difficulties.

An available parking space every month?

Do you often park in Amersfoort city centre? Discover the subscription options and park as often as you want for a fixed monthly fee.

Walk over the cobblestone streets in Amersfoort

Nestled within the broader tapestry of Amersfoort, the city centre serves as the pulsating heart of this charming Dutch city. With its labyrinthine cobblestone streets, historic facades, and bustling squares, the city centre is a living museum that invites exploration. The iconic Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren, often referred to as the “Long John”, provides not only a historical touchstone but also a panoramic view of the city's skyline.

Yet, the city centre is more than just a historical showcase. It's a vibrant hub of activity, where modern boutiques coexist with centuries-old artisan shops. The Lieve Vrouweplein square is a hotspot for gastronomy, offering a smorgasbord of dining options, from cosy cafés to upscale restaurants. For those interested in the arts, the Flint Theatre provides a diverse line-up of performances, ranging from classical concerts to contemporary plays. And if you're in the mood for some retail therapy, the Langestraat and the Krommestraat are shopping havens, brimming with unique finds and Dutch design. In the city centre of Amersfoort, every turn is an invitation to a new experience, making it a must-visit destination for any traveller.

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What other people say about parkbee

“Perfect, drive in and out via a link that is sent by text message. Even the route to the parking location is sent by SMS. Sufficient space and with a nice feeling in and out of the city.”

Frequently asked questions

If you pre-book online, you pay for the selected time and date. If you chose to park per minute, you will pay exactly for the time parked. The hourly rates for parking per minute and booking in advance are the same. It's up to you, a guaranteed spot or paying by the minute.

We offer cashless payment, you can pay using our secure online payment methods. At the checkout, you can choose from options such as Apple Pay, iDEAL, Credit Card, and PayPal.

Yes, up to one hour before your booking, you can change the date, time and number plate of your booking. Go to your personal access page and click on 'Manage your booking'. You can also cancel your booking this way.

Yes, to open the entrance and exit or the pedestrian door via your smartphone, you need a stable internet connection.

No, you can use our platform and services without creating an account. When you’re making a booking, just fill in your details so we can send you a confirmation and instructions. That’s all!

If you stay longer, a new transaction is automatically started. Before you can exit, you must pay for the new transaction via the access page - you will receive this link by SMS.

You don't need to, but it's possible to park at ParkBee with your favourite parking app. Park without an app You can when you make a booking or park per minute. You can enter the location with your confirmation email or scan the QR-code at the entrance. You do need internet on your smartphone to open the barrier. Parking with app You can also park with your favourite parking app. When you open the app, select a ParkBee location and drive in with the push of a button.


Stress-free parking in Amersfoort city centre

Travel back in time in the city centre of Amersfoort without the stress of finding a parking space. Even though parking in the centre of Amersfoort can be a hassle, it isn’t with ParkBee! Book your parking space and park at your desired location.

Parking in the city centre of Amersfoort is no issue

Our mission is to help you find a great parking space near your destination, so a space in the city centre is only a few clicks away! Don’t aimlessly drive around looking for an available parking location. Simply find your favourite parking space and park without any issues or waiting time.

More affordable than parking on the street

Street parking in Amersfoort can be very expensive. Fortunately, at ParkBee we offer parking spaces that are on average 30% cheaper than parking on the street! This means you can park anywhere in Amersfoort at a fair rate.