Giving space back to the city

As our cities grow and become more crowded, we face new challenges around space, mobility, and sustainability. But there's still plenty of unused space in cities. We use smart technology to make better use of those existing off-street parking facilities. Want to know what we can do for your city?


The future of city parking

With ParkBee's innovative solutions, cities can optimise parking facilities, reduce traffic congestion, and reduce the number of parked cars on the streets to free up space for the things that matter. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your city.


Efficient parking for emissions-free cities

Don't waste time searching for a parking spot. With ParkBee, drivers can quickly find an available parking facility near their destination, reducing unnecessary emissions and traffic congestion.


Repurposing existing parking spaces

We believe that there's no need to build new parking garages in cities when there's so much untapped potential in existing facilities. We make it easier to use these spaces efficiently by directing parkers to nearby off-street parking that might otherwise go unused.


Supporting smart mobility solutions

At ParkBee, we're committed to smart mobility solutions that support sustainability. That's why we offer electric charging facilities at our locations and encourage more eco-friendly transport methods.

what our clients say about parkbee

“We asked ParkBee to manage several residential car parks for the municipality of Rotterdam. We quickly realised additional parking spaces in a busy shopping area.”