We are ParkBee
We develop smart tech.

We are ParkBee. We develop smart tech to deliver easy to use affordable parking. Our Mobility Management Solution helps us utilise underused parking locations efficiently, minimising the need to build new ones. We optimise the use of space, and alleviate pressure on cities. We provide innovative access control and allow millions of registered RingGo and Parkmobile users to start using the locations with a tap of an app. With data and analytics we turn them into thriving mobility hubs, where we can provide additional services like (e-)bike sharing, EV charging or parcel pick-up.


The ParkBee Story

Where do we come from


In 2014, ParkBee co-founders research analyst Jian Jiang and trader Tom Buchmann set out on what was to become our mobility revolution. Living in Rotterdam and commuting to Amsterdam’s business district (the Zuidas) each day proved a constant frustration. Trying to find suitable parking was tricky – yet when leaving their apartment complex garage in the morning or their office car park in the evening, they would drive away from an abundance of vacant spaces. The solution seemed to be hiding right beneath or next to those offices and other private buildings.

The concept was smart, yet simple: open up these hidden parking spaces to the public. This way we could add value to property owners by filling lots, while alleviating the huge pres- sure of parking in and around cities. Consumers would benefit through affordable parking at premium locations.

After talking to many real-estate investors, Tom and Jian realised that most of the necessary infrastructure to get people (and cars) in and out of garages was already there. All that was needed was smart technology to open barriers, speed gates and exit doors remotely. This was the birth of ParkBee.


In 2015 the technology was developed as part of the ESA Incu- bation Centre, Climate KICand YES!Delft, and commercial director Wouter de Bruijne came on board to complete the founders team. On the consumer side of things, we enlisted the Netherlands’ number one parking app Parkmobile as ParkBee’s consumer interface. Providing a reach to over 2.5 million Dutch users.


March 2016 saw the official launch of the first 16 ParkBee locations. The first garages in the UK opened in 2017, proving that ParkBee is a scalable business model with a city-first approach.


At the end of 2017 ParkBee raised a €5 million funding
from InnovationQuarter and Statkraft Ventures to invest in further scaling and product development.

Let's grow together

At ParkBee we want to change the mobility industry by optimising space. We have the validated technology to do so, now it is up to exceptional people to ensure we achieve this.


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