Pay As You Go

flexible & contactless


Find a ParkBee location

Find ParkBee locations easily via Google Maps. Click on the website link of the location, and you're ready to start parking!


Access to locations

Open the website link and follow the steps on the page, enter your details and the barrier will open.


Pay with the touch of a button

Open the link in the SMS you receive to stop your booking. Once you've paid for your parking time, you're free to leave!

With Pay As You Go you can park easily every day, at the location of your choice, without a reservation. At the entrance of the parking area, scan the QR code on the signs or open the website link for the location via Google Maps to open the barrier. You can open the door or barrier straight from your smartphone, like magic!

Find a location near you and start parking!

The 3 biggest advantages of Pay As You Go:

Up to 30% cheaper

ParkBee can be up to 30% cheaper than parking on street or at commercial garages.

Pay per minute

Do you already know which ParkBee location you want to park at in the area? Great! You can park there immediately, without a reservation.

35 locations in the UK

At ParkBee, we make underused parking spaces available to you. Currently, we have 35 locations in the UK, so you'll always find a parking space at your destination.

Giving space back to the city

As cities grow larger and busier, new challenges appear with regards to physical space, mobility and sustainability.

At ParkBee, our mission is to help urban travellers, car park owners, and local governments make better and more efficient use of their existing city space. As one of the world’s first digital car park operators, we aim to get cars off the streets by linking drivers to convenient, but previously underused, off-street parking spots.

With our network of locations, smart integrations, and systems that not only predict prices but can direct traffic to available spaces, we provide the best and most efficient parking in the UK – creating more room in cities for the things that matter.

Giving space back to the city

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