<br><br> Free parking for medical personnel during lockdown<br/>

Free parking for medical personnel during lockdown

ParkBee parking spaces available free of charge to medical personnel throughout lockdown!

At ParkBee, we want to help in these difficult times. We can’t do much to help those in need directly, but we are happy and able to support the healthcare staff doing hugely important work.
We are able to provide free ParkBee parking spaces for these heroes throughout the lockdown period. Please email us at support@parkbee.com to claim your parking credit.
After verification we will credit your vehicle registration number with £100 to use with your RingGo app. Our way of saying a big thank you for your commitment at such a difficult time.

ParkBee parking spaces available free of charge to medical personnel throughout lockdown!

How it Works?

Park easily at any ParkBee location with your RingGo app.


Email us and receive £100 parking credit

After verification, we add £100 parking credit to your vehicle registration number within 1 working day. This discount is deducted as soon as you park at a ParkBee location using the RingGo app. Note: you do not have to make a reservation via our website.



Download and register the RingGo app. You’ll need to enter your Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) and payment details.


Turn up and park

Once you arrive at the car park, open the RingGo app and enter the location code. Follow the instructions in the app to start your parking session.



Your RingGo account will have £100 credit. Once your session ends, payment will be deducted from the credit on your account.


Need extra time?

That's no problem. Simply tap the 'Extend Session' button in the app.

Flexible mobile parking

As medical personnel, it's quick and easy to enter ParkBee car parks with the RingGo app using free credit.

Always park nearby

ParkBee has over 40 parking locations in the UK. Easily find a parking space at the hospital or care location where you work via our website

FREE parking for medical personnel

ParkBee provides free parking spaces for medical personnel. Email us and we will add £100 parking credit to your vehicle registration number.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the discount work?

Very easy.

1. Email us at support@parkbee.com.

2. We will verify your request. You may be contacted by telephone or email.

3. You will be notified when we have added the credit to your vehicle registration number with the RingGo app.

4. The discount is automatically deducted from the parking costs.

Do I need to take a ticket once I arrive at the car park?

No. You’ll only need to use the RingGo app for access. If the car park has an entry barrier/gate, all you’ll need to do is tap the ‘Open Entry’ button in the app and the barrier/gate will open for you. The same applies when leaving the car park. If the car park doesn’t have an entry barrier/gate and you can just drive through, all you need to do is select the number of hours you’d like to park once you have arrived.

Do I need to use a parking app?

Yes. This offer applies at ParkBee locations powered by the RingGo app.

Terms and Conditions of this promotion:

– The general terms and conditions of ParkBee apply, which can be viewed on our Terms & Conditions page.
– Parking credit is only granted to people who work in healthcare and can demonstrate this. ParkBee has the right to check this, for example by requesting a photo of a healthcare badge. We count on this campaign to be treated fairly, in the event of abuse of this promotion (for example, by request by undetectable care staff) ParkBee reserves the right to reclaim the parking credit.
– This promotion runs until December 3rd, 2020 when credit will be valid. Due to current circumstances ParkBee may extend this promotion further. ParkBee also reserves the right to terminate or suspend the promotion prematurely.
– ParkBee reserves the right to exclude specific ParkBee locations from participating in this promotion, the parking credit will then not be available for use at this location. Even if ParkBee unexpectedly has to close a ParkBee parking location (temporarily), the possibility to use the parking credit at this location will logically lapse.
– To use the parking credit you must use the RingGo app affiliated with ParkBee.